Involvement of Secondary School Teachers in Action Research: The Case of Misrak Goh Secondary School

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


The principal purpose of this study was to understand the involvement of high school teachers in educational action research in Misrak Goh. The study further investigates the major impediment faced by teachers to undertake research activities. To realize these objectives, data were collected from Misrak Goh secondary school teachers, school director and kirkos- sub city education officer through in depth interview, observation and document analysis. The participants were purposively selected based on their roles, responsibilities, exposure to research works and cooperativeness. The participants were interviewed using open-ended; semi-structured and structured questions in conversational style. As is true for most qualitative case studies, the data were presented in narrative forms based on the participants’ understanding and interpretation in addition to my own reflective analysis. The findings revealed that the status of research activities was marginal. Only finger counted teachers were participated in research works. Most teachers were de-motivated to involve in research endeavors due to absence of any form of incentive from the school and mainly due to the discontinuation of teachers’ promotion (career structure). This was due to the fact that participation in research was one of the performance evaluation criteria of teachers to be promoted. Hence, the issue being mentioned would come true when teachers are encouraged, motivated to involve in a scientific ways of alleviating problems. Accordingly, provision of due attention from concerned bodies such as policy makers, and other shall come into effect so as to curb the problem.