Thermal and Stress Analysis of AALPT Wheel When Braking with Block Brake

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The study of the thermal and stress condition between wheel and tread block of light rail transit (LRT) trains is so important since it has a direct effect on the wheel material, so that the temperature rise between wheel and tread block with speed and time during stop braking at the stations and also the stress is imposed on the wheel tread due this temperature rise and supporting forces and centrifugal force of the wheel itself assuming the axle to be its axis of rotation. The temperature rise and the loads are formulated analytically. The wheel model is performed using ANSYS soft ware on its sketcher work bench and transient thermal and transient structural analysis is used to generate the output of the research and the output gives appropriate value for two different angle of contact different value of temperature rise, deformation and stress induced on the wheel and their values are 1001.9°C for the contact angle 30 o and for 45 o for the temperature and the maximum and the minimum resulting deformation are 0.0025887m and 0m respectively for θ=30 o and for θ=45 o it is 0.0017109m and 0m respectively. Finally this result is used to recommend the wheel condition for the AALRT case for safe operation for the selected material for wheel and LRT operating condition.



AALRT, heat flux, temperature rise, ANSYS