Educational research practices of Bahir Dar university teachers: the case of education faculty

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Addis Ababa Universty


The study attempted to assess the trend of BDUEF teachers' practice from recent past to the present, and then indicates various suggestions to the future. Moreover, it evaluates the role of various factors in teachers' participation in educational research. 18 BOUEF teachers were participated in the study as a source of information. Their se lection was through snowball sampling. A qualitative case study was employed. The data was collected through interview, lOGO, pal1i cipant observation and document analys is. The study revea l cd th at amon g various personal factors teachers' knoll-Iedgc in educational resea l'c h has a strong positive /negat ive roles to influence other personal factors and then to direct the teachers towards/away frol11 educational research practi ces_ In fe\\' cases even without sa ti sfactory knowledge, sTrong inTe rest has a power to push teachers Towards edu cati ona l resea rch. Teachers' li eld of special iZ3tion has a strong relation with thei r partici pat ion in educational research. The BOUEF teachers who specialize in Education and Languagc Teaching participated ",e ll in educ'ational rescarch_ On the other hand years of teach ing experience andle,'el of qualification of teachers havc no a unique pos iti,-e or negative conTribution for the ir practice in edu caTional research_ or th~ '-arious instiTuTiolwl lactors, ine~llti\'cs lor Th~ re searchcrs hale sholl'n grcat contribution for teachc rs' practice in educaTi onal research_ IlolVcver, in STitutional factors ha,-e no a pecu li ar influence for educat ional resea rch prac tices_ Theil' role is thc same (or all types of research_ [,-en to some extent some in ST itutional faCTors (The library (ulkc•tiolh and intormation disseminatic)n aec~ sscs) arc ,UitClbk Ill!' ccltk'cnional rC:ieareh practic~, than otlKr r~_search~,_ The ,wel,- al'l) "Hind that. even thl\u~h iT I' Ill\( sallsLKton-. the [rend or t~achers' in'\ll\'enl~nt in educ'ational resedrch has sholl-n ill1pro,-c nlents I'rom the p"st to the prcsent. For further ill1prOVelllcnt of cclucallonal resea rch praC Ti ces of the BDUEF teachers. oriellling teachers in education in gcneral and in eduemional research in paniuilar. working research in-group. and illlpro"lng inccnti'-es for thc researchers are SOIllC of the po ints Illentioned by The inlorinanTs of rhe pre:ient sllIdy_ \



Educational Research