The Effect Of Marketing Strategies On Customer Satisfaction (The case Of St. George Brewery)

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Addis Ababa University


The success of any business entity is not mainly influenced by its employees or any internal factors, but significantly determined by the level of customer satisfaction due to the products and services offered by that particular business. Fortunately, marketing mix, branding strategy and marketing relationship strategy can be used as each elements of it is designed to meet customer’s needs and satisfaction. This study was conducted to examine the effect of marketing strategy on customer satisfaction at St. George brewery. A quantitative research of the data collection used and384 questionnaires is distributed and 330 usable questionnaires for response rate of 85.94% returned. Data was analyzed using descriptive, correlation and multiple regression analysis. The result of the study shows that among the six variables product, distribution, promotion and relation marketing strategy have positive significant impact on customer satisfaction while price and branding strategy don’t. Following the findings, the study therefore recommended that the company should concentrate their attention on developing more and improved effective marketing strategies for retaining and sustaining their customers by satisfying their unlimited needs and wants



marketing-mix, branding strategy, marketing relationship strategy