Socio-Cultural Factors Influencing Participation of Menjo Community Children In Primary Education of Kafa Zone

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to asses the socio-cultural factors that influence the educational participation of Menjo community in primary education and suggest feasible solution to minimize the educational problem of Menjo community. To this end, data were. gathered from 155 Menjo students belonging to Grade 4-8, and 61 teachers teaching in the selected schQols using separate questionnaires. Ten educational officers and 10 school principals participated in interview. Focus group was held involving 11 educated Menjo adults. Purposeful sampling was used for selecting schools, systematic random sampling was used for selecting students and teachers sample. Percentage, mean, t-test were used and qualitative description were employed to analyze the data obtainedfrom interviews andfocus group discussion. Based on the findings from data analysis, some of the socio-cultural factors like lack of parent-teacher interaction, peer interaction, teacher-student interaction,- lack of model educated Menjo people as an example,- communities low appreciation for modern education; the low level of educational background of parents,- practice of tradition of being looked down by others,- low degree of school and community relationship, traveling long distance from home to school , unwillingness of non- Menjo students to mix wilh students of Menjos have been ident(fied as a major influencing factors in the educational participation of Menjo students. In line with these findings, it was concluded that socio-cultural factors have a grate impact on the participation of Menjo student in the primary schools of the zone. Creating awareness about the value of education, providing monetary/material incentives, providing special privileges for Menjo community girls, creating a common collaboration among all stakeholder (NGOs), creating awareness program 10 all nonMenjo community, special provision of land and houses in near by town where school are established were recommended.



Menjo Community Children in Primary Education