The Effects of Employee Relationships on Employee Motivation The Case of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE)

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of coworkers’ relationships on employees’ motivation at four branches of CBE Northern Districts of Addis Ababa. For the sake of achieving the objectives of the study both explanatory and descriptive research were used. In this study to collect necessary data and relevant documents, both primary and secondary source of data were used to collect from the data sources. The research was conducted through quantitative research approach. The quantitative data to be used was collected by distributing the self-administered questionnaire. A simple random sampling technique was used to conduct the research. The information used for the study was gathered from a sample of 144 respondent employees of four branches of CBE Northern Districts of Addis Ababa. The collected data was analyzed by statistical analysis of both descriptive analysis and inferential statistical analysis such as correlation and multiple regression analysis as well as ANOVA. The study results revealed that there is a positive and significant correlation between coworker support and employees’ motivation, team building and employee motivation as well as employee communication and employee motivation. Based up on the findings the researcher recommended the CBE needs to give emphasis on employee relationship in order to enhance employee motivation



Coworkers Relationships, Employee Motivation, Coworker Support