Study of Radio-Based Networking Application to Aawsa Water Meter Reading

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Addis Ababa University


The study has been conducted in Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority in the title of 'Study of Radio Based Networking Application to AAWSA Water Meter Reading’. Radio based networking is currently the most common method for providing connectivity within a metropolitan area, like Addis Ababa. Radio based networking utilizes radio waves as a transport for the transmission of information, in the case of this thesis water meter readings will be the information to be transmitted. Water meter reading using radio link could be defined as the sensing and measuring of information, water consumption in cubic meter, at some remote location and then transmitting that information to a central or host location through radio wave. At a central or host location water meter reading can be processed and used for various purposes. The study will show how radio based networking system could be implemented on water meter reading. Besides, the study will include identification of basic components and tools of radio based water metering, and specific requirements for implementing in AAWSA. The major contribution of this research is the development of a systematic implementation model of radio based networking system as applied to water meter reading at main potable water sources of AAWSA. Finally, findings and recommendations believed to be useful are forwarded.



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