Stress and Fatigue Analysis of Cylindrical Oil Tank Wagon with Elliptical Head

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A cylindrical tank wagon is a type of railroad freight car designed to transport chemicals, petroleum products, and other bulk liquids like oil.Itis a welded metal tank of cylindrical shape, placedhorizontally. Thisstudyaims analyze and identify the stress and fatiguedeformation of cylindricaloil tank wagon to minimize the deformation. The modelling of the cylindrical tank structure along with its simplified supporting frame of the wagons isdone by using the Solidworks 2013 software to show the geometry and the relevant component. After accomplishing the modellingon solidworks, itwasimportedinto the ANSYS v17.2 to analyze the stress, deformation and also FEMFAT was done to analysis the fatigue life of the tank. The meshing type for this research is Fine size meshing. All the properties material are applied. From the analysis of stress and fatigue which has been carried out through the deformation of the cylindrical tank in ANSYS and FEMFAT softwares, the material analysis was conducted and it yielded simulated result. The analysisincludes total deformation, stress, strain, and fatigue life, safety factorwasdoneusing ANSYS and also endurance limit and survival propability was done by FEMFAT softwares. The analysis of the simulation carried out throught changing the material has yielded the maximum deformations, standing at 0.0065458 Max carbone steel and at 0.003612 Max AISI A656 High StrengthAlloySteel, therefore the deformationof cylindrical tank reduce by 44.81 . FEMFAT software reveals that the selected material have greater endurance limit and survival probability, which mean the new material will be more resistant. So thisrecommendsthe application of the new materiel AISI A656 High StrengthAlloySteel for the analysis of cylindrical tank wagon material.



Stress, Deformation, Cylindrical Tank, Materials, ANSYS, FEMFAT softwares