Utilization of Educational Radio in Facilitating Adult Basic Education the Case of Tigray Region

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to investigate the utilization of educational radio in adult basic Education in Tigray region. To this end, multi method research approach was employed to conduct the research. in three selected zones of the region. The sources of data then, were adult learners, facilitators, adult basic education coordinators, wereda and regional bureau heads and personnel in educational media centers. Criterion purposive sampling was used to select the sample zones and werdas. Respondents were selected from adult learners on the basis of simple random sampling. Questionnaires, interview and document analysis were used to gather data from. the aboue sources. The data were analyzed using percentage, frequency distribution and chi-square test and descriptive statements. The r"esult of the study indicates that adult basic education radio program did not effectively utilized in Tigray region due to technical problem, Poor quality of the programs and lack of commitment from educational personnel's to use radio programs. Moreover in some part of the region adult basic education radio program are not accessible due to their Geographical location. In light of these findings, some recom.mendation were forwarded, educational personnel at different levels need to have increased commitment to alleviate the different obstacles th.at a1'e facing the use of educational radio programs in adult basic education



Radio ;Facilitating Adult