Teachers Perception of the Current Placement of Secondary School Principals in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This study examines and describes the major problems of the current placement procedures of secondary school principals in Addis Ababa and to determine teachers' trust towards the methods of school principals' placement. To meet the general objective, six basic questions were designed to get answers in the process of the study. These are: perception of teachers on education management, strategies and methods for selection / placement of principal, who are involved in selecting principals and procedures of selection. The descriptive survey method was used as a method of research. Availability and a stratified random sampling were employed as a sampling technique to include both sampled Kifle Ketema (sub-city) and schools within that demarcation respectively. Based on these research questions, the literature was reviewed. A survey questionnaire and an interview checklist were developed and administered to 405 teachers and 17 educational officials including principals respectively. The finding of the study showed that there seem to be encouraging indicators of a favorable out look on the part of sample teachers towards education management which requires special training; however, teachers participation in the selection and placement of these personnel was not worth mentioning. On the contrary, the method of placement employed by and large was found to be officials direct appointment and sometimes" electoral procedure" was practiced. Currently, since Addis Ababa Transitional Government came in to power, by way of reassigning civil servants, the procedure in which teachers' nomination of a pool of candidates in order to be selected by education officers was replaced by other placement procedure. However, the selection procedure in which teachers were involved was found to be dependent on selectors at education offices alone. Given this, teachers perceived the selection process so have limited openness, the criteria, and technical assessment were reported as inadequate and difficult to measure the appropriateness of a school leader. Accordingly, teachers' are not only distrusted in overall procedures but also regard the current placement of principals as political appointments. Nevertheless, a majority of the teachers have an optimistic mind-set towards school community involvement in the selection of the principal; but for it to function effectively, they recommend the method to be promotion by job posting and bidding in which the school community would have been meaningful participation and be empowered for a decision- making role. In general, based on the findings of the study, it has been concluded that teachers involvement in the selection /placement of secondary school principals in Addis Ababa is perceived as only a semblance of participation. Therefore, the recommendations included: education officials call for teachers' input should be accompanied by introducing a transparent information channel, consult school community at every stage of the selection strategies, implementation and evaluation of personnel policies. By doing so, two options are the recommended concerning selection/ placement procedures: the prevailing democratic control of the selection procedure be accompanied by technical assessment; or vacant positions to be occupied pursue the method of job posting and bidding for promotion so as to attract competent professionals which the dynamic development of principal ship jobs demands.



Perception of the Current Placement