Assessment of content and format of the" Tena Yisitiligne" News Program of Ethiopian Television

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Ethiopian television programs have its own content and format. One of the formats and contents of Ethiopian television was “Tena Yistilign Ethiopia. Hence, this study attempted to assess the contents and formats of Tena Yistilign news show reform implementation against the standards as well as the challenges of the new content and format reform of Ethiopian television Amharic news channel. The research designed used was descriptive research design. The research approach was mixed approach (qualitative and quantitative approach). Sources of data were both primary and secondary sources. The data collection instruments were questionnaire, in depth interview and content analysis. The data analysis and interpretation used were descriptive statistics (Mean and standard deviation). Accordingly, the study pointed out that the current practice and definition of "Tena Yisitiligne Ethiopia" news program is relatively weak. Concerning to techniques used to produce "Tena Yisitiligne Ethiopia" news the producer of the news program have lack of professional and personal quality to apply various techniques of news program production. The planning and production of “Tena Yisitiligne Ethiopia" news program there is no plan which is all rounded and cover wide affairs of news program. Relating to information collection tools and information source of "Tena Yisitiligne Ethiopia" news program there are no sufficient information collection tools With regards to the challenges of implementation of “Tena Yisitiligne Ethiopia" news program there is no skilled and experienced news program producers. Based on the finding of the study the researcher attempted to recommend the following. To achieve the stated objective of “Tena Yistilign Ethiopia” based on the designed format and contents, there should be proper follow up and support by concerned bodies to make the program to be attractive and effective and the organization should assign competent human labor and fulfill proper infrastructure to the effective functioning of the news program. Moreover, the concerned bodies should create conducive work environment to the proper functioning of the news program.



Content, Format, News program, Tena Yistilign, Ethiopian Television