Load-Aware Traffic Light Controlling System

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Addis Ababa University


The availability and the growing number of automobiles in Ethiopia, especially in Addis Ababa brought some problems. Some of the problems are happening because of the operating technique of conventional traffic lights. They work by allocating equal and fixed time for every road that is regardless of their respective load. Mostly as a result of this, we see traffic conjunctions around several road junction areas of the city. Hence, we can say the very approaches that are made to solve the problem, sometimes become cause of the problem. We have learned that the Addis Ababa City Road Administration has tried to solve the problem, using the statistical way of time allocation at some areas of the city, but the problem is yet far from removed. This all implies that another way of solution should be proposed. This project proposes a Load Aware Traffic Light Controlling System. When each road has a normal load, the new system basically uses a constant and equal period of time to allow traffic from one direction. However, this amount of period for a direction would momentarily change if the system detects high traffic load on that direction. In other words, the system is expected to detect whether traffic load on a given direction exceeds a certain limit and temporarily allow traffic on that direction to pass for a longer period of time. Afterward as long as the roads work under normal load, the system continues working in the first method. This system will improve efficiency of the traffic controlling systems of our city. Plus using this new system will minimize the time the automobiles waiting time for the green light, and this helps to save time and fuel. Hence, in this project a Load Aware Traffic Light Controlling System simulation and prototype is developed to improve the conventional traffic lights of our city.



Growing Number, ; of Automobiles in Ethiopia