Gis Based Road Traffic Accident Management System: the Case of Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The issue of road safety, especially in the developing world, has already become multidimensional; that is, it has become an economic, social and health issue. Currently, studies shows that road traffic accidents in Ethiopia specifically in Addis Ababa city are pressing problems which need urgent attention as it has damaging consequences on the health and economic development of the city. There is no formal system for accident location referencing in Addis Ababa, consequently, it makes it difficult to treat accident spots with proper road safety measures. In addition, since there is no GIS based system available which effectively locate accident prone locations it is difficult to identify these hazardous locations. Identification of hazardous or most vulnerable accident locations (black spots), types of accidents and persons involved, form the basis for road safety policy design. A more flexible database with location details is necessary if road safety priorities are going to be more accurately identified and to take remedial measures to mitigate the existing problem. In this work, we have developed a system that is web based GIS system which convey accident locations directly on a map, perform spatial analysis such as black spot analysis and spatial query. In addition, it generates different kind of summarized reports in different printable file formats. The system has subsystems to manage road traffic accidents, to manage traffic accident offenders, to manage road traffic accident spatial and non-spatial data, to manage reports and finally, to manage system users. The system has an Amharic interface which enhances its learnability and will make it user friendly for end users. The functional requirement was gathered comprehensively by interviewing police officers and investigators from Addis Ababa Police Commission. Furthermore, related literatures and best practices from abroad were reviewed to enable us design and implement the system efficiently. The developed system was evaluated by domain experts and stakeholders. The usability test conducted has indicated that the performance of the system was very good and it meets its objective.



Black Spot, Geoserver, GIS, Jasper Soft, JSF, Postgres, Road Traffic Accident