Investigations of the Efficiency of a Detector for Heavy Ions and Feasibility Study for a New Design

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Addis Ababa University


A Recoil Filter Detector I RFO) which was del'eloped in the Hahn-:\Ieilner-Institut (H:\II), Berlin has been im'estigated to determine the detector efficiencI', This detector uses the forward emitted electrons from a thin mylar foil and it has been found to hal-e lo\\'er efficiency than expected from theoretical considerations, For the test measurements a ,.olCf source was used, The fission products from the 2.o2Cf were detected in coincidence ,,-ith the prompt -forays and then the spectra \I'ere analyzed, In I he first part of this paper the reason for the 101\' efficienc\' of tllf' detector and the solution for an impron,ment is presented, In the second part. as an alternative, a Hew ,\esigll of a det.ector is proposed. It- llses the back\rard ~mittr'd electrons and may he preferred, in some aspects, to the RFD



Detector for Heavy Ions and Feasibility