Tutorial Program for Students with Special Needs Educaion at World Wide Orphans Academy

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Addis Ababa University


The study investigates the effectiveness of the tutorial program in the primary level, In the case of one non-governmental school. The main purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of the tutorial program provided for special needs students of the primary level fi rst cycle (gradel-4). To deal with the problem, four basic research questions were formulated . The research questions were focused on the significant difference of the special needs students' academic achievement before and after the introduction of the tutoring program, the influence of the tutorial program in improving the academic achievements of special needs students, the effective and efficient of the teaching methods of the tutoring program and the adequate of the skilled manpower and material resources to implement the tutoring program for the special needs student. In conducting the study a narrative method was employed in order to obtain pertinent information concerning the current tutorial program. The finding indicated that the tutori al program for the special needs students had shown a great change in their academic achievements but the results were fluctuate .The teaching methods were different from the tutorial program and they were flexible strategies to apply on the special needs students. These strategies brought a change on the tutee academic performance. The tutors trained on special needs education and help the tutor to implement the strategies easily during the tutorial program .based on the find ings, giving training in a short period of time; adopting teaching methods and getting uniform results were recommended to solve the problems encountered in the effectiveness of the tutorial program.



Students with Special Needs Educaion