The Benishangul-Gumuz National Regional State Secondary School

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Addis Ababauniversity


The purpose of this study was to investigate both the extent of teachers’ awareness of classroom management strategies, and their commitment towards using the strategies in the six secondary schools of Metekel Zone and Pawe Special Woreda. To this effect, a descriptive survey method was employed. The information used in this study was obtained through questionnaire and classroom observation checklist. The respondents were 51 teachers (50 male and 1 female), 273 students (195 males and 78 females) and 36 classroom observations of the English, Mathematics and Chemistry subjects of the six secondary schools. The data obtained was analyzed using the statistical tools of chi-square, mean value and average rank. Accordingly, as vividly manifested, majority of the teacher respondents were; males, joined the teaching profession in their early ages and trained in teacher training institutes. Moreover, the study has revealed that the teachers’ of grade nine were found having the necessary awareness in almost all the content-focused classroom management strategies. But their commitment towards deploying time management, instructional objectives, ground rules and procedures and motivation as the strategy of classroom management was minimal. Various reasons have in fact been suggested as causes for the teachers’ low commitment. Of those many constraints, however, large class size, high teaching load, the students’ dysfunctional behavior and the irrelevance of the existing curriculum were noted as the most serious. In spite of the teachers’ high awareness of the strategies, however , their low commitment in utilizing them during classroom teaching made the effort of securing effective classroom instruction difficult. To maximize the teacher’s commitment in employing the strategies giving the necessary attention during pre-service and in-service training has to be the major concern of all teachers’ training institutes



National Regional State Secondary School