Supply Chain Performance Improvement Model In Ethiopia Meat Processing Industry

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Addis Ababa University


This paper describes the measurement of supply chain performance in Ethiopian meat processing industries. SCM is a process for designing, developing, optimizing, and managing the internal and external components of the supply system in a manner that is consistent with the overall firm‘s objectives and strategies. Performance measurement is the process of quantifying effectiveness and efficiency of action. The Ethiopia meat processing industries has many supply chain problems. The main reason for these problems could be the lack of conceptual framework and lack of measure supply chain performance among meat processing industries. These challenges impact on the country‘s current share in the global export market for meat is less. Aware of these problems, this study was conducted mainly to evaluate supply chain performance regarding performance measurement indicators of meat processing companies in Ethiopia Then determining the key indicators of companies‘ performance measurement by using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to improve supply chain performance for industries. The study uses the concept of decision making levels and supply chain macro processes as its approach to the study of the supply chain performance measurement. Questioner survey and semi structural interviews were used to collect the data for this study. The whole finding involves the analysis of an overall supply chain performance from three supply chain macro processes; supplier relationship management, internal supply chain management and customer relationship management based on strategic, tactical and operational decision making levels. It was evident that the internal supply chain management was the most preferred supply chain macro process in Ethiopia meat Processing industries. These results in the meat Processing industries intended to concentrate on its internal supply chain since it was the most important for the companies. The results also proposed that supplier relationship management was the least important to those companies compared with others.



supply chain management, performance improvement model, analytic hierarchy process, meat processing industry