Tjlesequence Variation of Chloroplast Dna Spacer intergenipacer Region Between Trnt(Ugu) and Trnl(Uaa) 5'exon of Eragrostis Tef (Zucc.) Trotter and E. Pilosa (L.)

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Addis Ababa University


This study was carried out to determine cpDNA sequences of the intergenic spacer region between trnT(UGU) and trnL(UAA)5' exon of Eragrostis tef and Eragrostis pilosa to establish the degree of similarities and variation of cpDNA at the intraspecific and interspecific level since this region shows high degree of mutation. The sequence of this region has been worked out for 35 cultivars of E. tef and two lines of E. pilosa. This was achieved by isolating total DNA by CTAB method and for one cultivar by isolating cpDNA and then followed by amplification of three non-coding regions which are adjacent to each other by PCR using uruversal primers of Taberlet et al. (1991) followed by sequencing of the PCR products. From the results of the sequences it has been found that the 33 cultivars of E. tef and one line of E. pilosa (E. pilosa 30-5) showed no variation. But two cultivars of E. tef, namely "Addisse" and "Key murrie", and one line of E. pilosa (E. pilosa 30-4) showed a deletion of one base. It is the same base that was deleted in all the three. The total number of bases for this intergenic spacer region is 400. But for cultivars Addisse, Key murrie, and E. pilosa 30-4 the total number of bases is 399