The Practice of Early Childhood Education: the Cases of two Indergartens in Oromia Region

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Addis Ababa Universty


This study has six chapters. The first chapter is about the ground of the study. In this the rationales, the significance of the study and the research questions is explained and a general view about the topic is high lighted. In chapter 2, review of related literature about early childhood education is tempted and analysed for theoretical frame work. It includes sub-topic from which the research tools are developed and used. Chapter 3 is the methodological chapter. It includes evidential bases for the case, tools employed, research design, analysis and ethical issues. In addition the background of the respondents is given on the table. A total of 16 respondents were interviewed from the two kindergartens using audio-recordings. Chapter 4 and chapter 5 present the description and description of the two cases independently. Different issues are themed and analysed accordingly in the last chapter presents is the conclusion part in which the research questions which emerged and evolved thematically answered, by cross site analysis. The number of findings is listed for each research questions. Finally an implication is forwarded giving some insight.



Childhood education