Households' Heads Willingness to Pay for Improved Solid Waste Management: The Case of Common Building Residences in Addis Ababa

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What motivates people to demand higher environmental quality? Do desires for an improved environment come merely from person motives or otherwise? The premises that triggered the study is the campaign type of Solid Waste Management in Addis Ababa. Most of these activities are not undertaken on daily bases. As a result the study aims to look into the factors that motivate households to care for their solid wastes. In this paper, I tried to see whether motives do influence heads of households WTP for improved SWM in Common building residences of Addis Ababa or not. The study is undertaken in 3 sites in Bole, Gulele and Addis Ketema Sub-cities. The output of the tobit estimation confirm that the motives like Cond, Variable representing ownership of Condominium, CSWS, current solid waste service and Locashn, location of the site are found to significantly influence heads WTP for improved SWM. Moreover, the probit estimation for the mean WTP for the improved SWM is found to be 13.15 Birr per month for the survey area. Based on the significant variables used it recommends the expansion of public utilities like Condominiums. Besides the location of the site being close or further from highways and the current condition of solid waste service also affect people's demand for improved SWM. The significance of life expectancy implies the need to educate older generation about the benefits sustainable development and environment.



Heads Willingness, Waste Management