Phytochemical Studies on Resins of Boswellia Neglecta and Commiphora Sphaerocarpa

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Addis Ababa Universty


The family Burseraceae with 17 genera is widely distributed in tropical and subtropical countries. The genus COlllllliphora comprises 150-200 species and B05wellia 20 species. Gum exudates of some COlllllliphora and Boswellia species have been used for centuries as medicinal and perfumery substances. In the course of this study 7 COlllllliphora and 3 Boswellia species were collected and identified. Two of this species are endemic (B. pirottae and C. lIIonoica). The study on the chemical constituents of two species (E. neglecta and C. sphaerocmpa) was undertaken. The resin of C. sphaerocmpa used as a traditional medicine by the local people is studied chemically for the first time. The extract from the resin of B. neglecta yielded as a major component Bn-8 tentatively identified as 12-uresen-3-ol. The extract obtained from the resin of C. sphaerocarpa afforded five compounds coded as Cs-4, Cs-S, Cs-6, Cs-9 and Cs-IO. Cs-6 was identified as the novel compound 6-hydroxy isofuranogermacrene (84). Other characterized compounds are Cs-9 (3-methoxy-IOmethylenefhranogermacra- I (2)-en-6-one (22) and Cs-IO (2-methoxyfuranogermacra-1 (lO)-en-6-one (20) previously isolated from the resins of C. /110111101 and C. holrziana. Characterization of Cs-4 and Cs-S is in progress.



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