Diagnosis of educational research in Haramaya university

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Addis Ababa Universty


Teaching and research are the two mam mIsszons of Higher Education Institutions. However conducting research often marginalized as university devoted to teaching and administrative tasks. The problem seems to get worse in the current highly expanding Haramaya University, particularly in the newly emerged Education Faculty. The study attempted to understand the extent of instructors' involvement in research activities to identify and evaluate the various factors influencing instructors' involvement, and indicated measure to be taken. The study was a qualitative case study. Sixteen instructors in the faculty participated in the study. They were selected through purposive sampling. Interview and Focus Group Discussion was mainly used as data collection instruments. The study revealed that educational research practice was nonexistent. The study also found that financial and time factors from among ins titutional factors and instructors basic skills from among human factors have a strong role in the educational research practices. To improve educational research practices in the Education Faculty of Haramaya University, allocation of fund, reducing teaching load and arrangement of events like seminars are some of the points mentioned by the participants of the study