English Conditional Sentences: A Comparative Analysis Of the Structural and Communicative Approaches in Teaching to Non-Native Speakers

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Addis Ababa University


In this study an attempt was made to find out ~lhethe:ror not the °Communicative approach' in the teaching of English Conditional Sentences is more effective than the 'Structural Approach'. To test thislSnglish functions that employ conditional sentences were identified. Then, teaching materials were prepared along the principles of the 'Communicative Approach' and given to three study groupso For the three control groups, teachinJ materials based on the 'Structural Approach' were given. All in alI, 10:2. students" all Amharic speakers, were randomly distributed into six groups~ Out of these, 78 students attended the experimental classes regularly and took the t\o10tests given •.In the scores obtained, the study groups performed better than the control groups at a significance level of .05. It was also observed that the study groups showed more interest, motivation, creativity, involvement, and sensitivity to learn the materials they wer e given than the control groups. On the basis of the findings, it was recommended that nonnative speakers should be taught English through the 'Communicative Approach' • It was also recommended that intensive research should be carried out in 'Discourse Analysis' in order to facilitate the designing and application of a 'Communicative Syllabu



Teaching to Non Native Speakers