Attainment of Universal Primary Education for Children with and without Disabilities in East Gojjam Administrative Zone: In Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to explore the attainment of Millennium Development Goal Two in East Gojjam Administrative Zone located in Amhara Regional state, Ethiopia. It attempted to find out how children with and without disabilities accessed primary education in the stated administrative Zone. This survey research employed a mixed method approach, and participants were selected through purposive sampling technique. Data were collected using numerical data format, interview and observation tools, and were analyzed through descriptive statistics and thematic data analysis techniques. The results, therefore, indicated that there were observable progresses in the implementation of MDG Two in primary education. In the Zone, the number of students enrolled in primary school increased to 531,884 in 2013/14 academic year. This addressed 91.3% of the total number of school age children. Gender parity reached balance level. However, 50,314 school age children were out of school in 2013/14. School dropout problem was one of the threats that hinder the attainment of UPE in this Zone. The number of dropout students in primary schools reached to 25,708 in 2013/14 academic year. In this Zone Teacher: students ratio recorded an average of 1:40. Participants had positive expectations towards attainment of MDG Two and therefore suggested that each level of administration should attain provision of UPE. Woredas differ in their commitment to provide UPE for students with disabilities. Accessibility of primary education for children with disabilities in this Zone was very limited. Although 4474 children with disabilities were identified in the Zone, only 10% had accessed to primary school education in 2012/13 academic year. Woredas were not willing to accept all children with disabilities in one academic year. Awareness raising program did not provide for parents of children with disabilities. In East Gojjam Zone providing SNE for CWDs did not show progress as it was stated in ESDP IV. Thus, the right to get access to primary education for all children was not implemented.



Attainment of Universal Primary Education