E. Cerullis folk-Literature of the galla of southern abyssinia: acriticuation

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis has four chanters. Its main urpose 1S to closely study ~nd critically evaluate so as to ~nalyse whether texts in Cerulli vs Polk-Literature of the Galla of Southern .byssinia have cultural and historical significance to nresen.t-day Ethiopia. The process employed to achieve the objective of the thesis is as follm07s. Chapter I resents brief notes to the statement of the problem, importance of tne study 9 limitations and scope of the research, and phonemic notation. After a brief note on the Dromo, and on Loransiyos, Cerulli's informant , chauter 11 deals t.,ith the nRture of the material in Folk- Literature of the Galla of Southern Abyssinia. Chanter III is devoted to examininp, cultur~l and historical significance of Cerulli 1 s collections to present-dav Ethiopia. Since thi3 chapter is mainly concerned with evaluating Cerulli's vlOrk from cultural and his to ri cal points of V1e 9 it cornnrises the core of the thesis. 13ased on the discussion in the foregoing chapters within the limitations of this study, mapter 117 presents the conclusions t~us brin,ginR the thesis to an end vi th ::l hrief discussion of Cerulli Y s pioneering contribution to the study of Dromo folk literature