The Effectiveness of Farmer Training Centers In The Economic Life of Rural Adults: The Case of Oromia National Regional States of South West Shoa Zone Wonchi Woreda

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Addis Ababauniversity


The objective of this study to assess the effectiveness of FTCs training in the economic life of rural adults in Wonchi Woreda in terms of the implementation of FTC training, how adult learning principle and practice are considered, the contribution of FTC training to increase the income level of trained farmers and necessary equipment and materials. For this research the researcher used descriptive survey method. In this study quantitative research methods was employed. In the study both primary and secondary data sources were used. The samples were selected using systematic random sampling method. The techniques of data collection for the study were group focus interview which was prepared for farmers found in four selected FTCs in the Woreda. The questionnaires were distributed for Development agents, subject matter specialists and extension experts were also consulted. The result of the study showed that the training provided in FTC helped the farmers to progress the income level of trained farmers by increasing productivity. The farmers training centers training participation of women is very low. The training at FTC lacks materials used to learn best practices and experimental places. From these major findings it can be concluded that the effectiveness of FTC training in the Wored. Based on the above findings and conclusions the following recommendations are forwarded. To achieve the FTC objective of increasing the income level of trained farmers the training should be supported by practice, need to assign the training required number of DAs. The FTC training access should consider gender equality. Awareness creation has to be made to farmers about the relevance and effectiveness of farmers training at FTCs in different aspects and to generate more information in order to enhance the knowledge, skill and capability of farmers which help the farmers to use new technology and ultimately increase productivity



Economic Life of Rural Adults