Assessing The Role and Challenges of Community Policing In Crime Prevention: The Case of Woreda 7, Addis Ketema Sub-City

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The purpose of this study was to assess the role and challenges of community policing in crime prevention: the case of Woreda 7, Addis ketema sub-city, Addis Ababa city administration. This study was conducted using a qualitative research approach and descriptive research design. To achieve this objective, the researcher used both primary and secondary sources of data. The primary data were collected from interviews, observation, and reports of the community policing office. The secondary data are collected from books, journals. Purposive sampling techniques are included in this study. The interviewees are Community Policing Officers office coordinators and other stakeholders. The major roles that the community policing office of the Woreda played is improving the community police service management and leadership style, the structure of the organization, directing, supervision system, internal and external environment, the support of governmental and non-governmental organizations, community participation in the case of crime prevention and police-community relationships. The major findings of this study revealed that the major challenges for Community Policing Officers are lack of input, poor police-community relationship, societal negative attitude towards police, lack of well-designed strategy because the concept of community policing was new, shortage of skilled manpower in the study area. As a result, there are high robbery, insecurity and instability, rape, chaos, prostitution, and illegal street traders. This study revealed that non- institutional factors are a chronic problem for community policing office successful implementation. Therefore, the community policing office in collaboration with Woreda and the sub-city administrator and Addis Ababa police commission should build a permanent police station in different woreda and ketenas to make the area safe and healthy