A Study of students selection, streaming, and training In the technical and vocational schools of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


The purpose of the study was to investigate the selection, streaming and training of students in the TV Schools of Ethiopia, and thereby, forward recommendations for the improvements of the problems that the study brings to light. The areas of concern were the methods, procedures, and the types of resources employed to select, stream and train students to produce the required semi-skilled manpower. These are: the provision of occupational information through the guidance program, the provision of the necessary resources, the staff- development schemes utilized to up-grade the technical and pedagogical knowledge of teachers. Out of the 14 government TV schools operating in the country, 9 of them were included in the study. Opinions, comments and suggestions were properly gathered from the officials, administrative staff, teachers and students through the questionnaire. Some of the major findings include: It is the intake capacity of each training school considered as the only means to determine the number of new entrants selected every year. The lack of job opportunity experienced by the graduates has brought trainees to become indifferent to the training programs. Recommendations for the mentioned points are: The responsible MOE in collaboration with the regional education bureaux, professionals in the TVET and the potential employers have to innovate a system which helps to make a balance on the number of students to be trained in each field to that of the absorptive capacity of the economy. A study has to be carried out by the policy formulating MOE so as to (1) bring those fields of specialization having no/less market demand to terminations (phase-out) (2) the current training programs be based on indigenous technology to make them applicable for self-employment of graduates and to the local demand.



Technical and vocational