Analysis of Solid Waste Collection from A Gender Perspective: The Case Of Bole Sub City

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Addis Ababa University


This research aims to explore and analyze waste collection activities from gender perspective with specific reference given to women association members involved on door-to door waste collection activities in Bole sub city. Understanding the basic factors that enable waste collectors to join the line of waste collection work, the specific hindrances and challenges faced by women waste collectors in the place of work, the community and from concerned bodies in general are the objectives of this study. In order to achieve its objectives the study used a qualitative research methodology. Among the qualitative research techniques this study used in-depth and key-informant interview methods to collect the primary data. The study participants were selected through purposive sampling techniques in which both sexes (men and women) were included during the study. Finally the collected data was analyzed qualitatively using a phenomenological technique of data analysis. The study result indicates that women employees in the door-to –door solid waste collection associations are limited in number compared to their male counterparts. And all of the factors and challenges identified have different implications on the lives of women and men participants. Based on the finding, the thesis also provides some recommendations for concerned bodies. Key words; Door-to-door solid waste collection association, enabling factor, challenges, role