Involvement of preparatory school teachers In action research: the case of Gelemso aecondary and preparatory school

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Addis Ababa Universty


The primary purpose of this study was to explore the extent of preparatory school teachers) involvement in action research in asps. The study further aimed to investigate factors that affected the teachers to conduct action research and to come up with suggestions for action. To achieve these purposes) a qualitative research method and a case study research design were employed. This study has found out that the extent of the preparatory teachers) involvement in action research was very low) or was so limited. The study depicts that there was a thin line (a weak nexus) between the teachers teaching tasks and action research) and the current status of action research found to be marginal) or suggests a characteristics of infancy. At the same time) the study has established that both the external factors (i.e. lack of institutional inputs) and the internal factors (i. e. lack of personal inputs) considerably impeded the teachers to conduct educational action research as much as expected . For future improvement of the preparatory teachers) engagement in action research) arrangements and provision of training on action research) improving school facilities and enhancing the support system) introducing the culture of action research improving the incentives or rewards) lightening heavy teaching loads for teacher- researchers) and doing research on collaborative basis are the major points( but not exhaustive) suggested by the research participant as the dimensions that need intervention .