Learner- Center Instruction in Teacher Training Institutes of Amhara Region

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Addis Ababa University


Teaching-learning process in Ethiopian educational institutions is intended to be more of learner-centered, for it would result in a better student learning. In light of this assumption, this study was designed to test whether the teaching-learning process in TTIs of Amhara Region was oriented more towards learner-centered instruction or teacher-centered instruction. The study was also directed towards identifying problems encountered by the TTIs in applying learner-centered instructional methods. To this effect necessary data was gathered uSing observation checklist having six major instructional dimensions, sublimented by questionnaire and photograph camera. Observational data was secured from 13 randomly selected English Language Classrooms out of a total of 26 sections of the TTIs. Questionnaire data, on the other hand, was collected from 13 respondents (seven English Language Teachers, two Language Department Heads, and four Principals and Vice-principals) who are selected based on availabl'lity sampling. The collected data was then analyzed using percentage methods of data analysis. The results of the study indicated that all dimensions of instruction, except class arrangement and resources, tended to associate more to teachercentered instructional approach than learner-centered instructional approach. It was also found out that poor institutional facilities, cynicism and sabotage of some personnel, teachers' lack of knowledge and skills on learner-centered teaching methods, and inadequacy of time were the major problems that hindered the teaching-learning approach from being more of learner-centered. At last, exchange of experiences between TTIs, arrangement of continuous short-term in-service teacher education, and principals' commitment in improving educational facilities and fostering healthy educational environment are forwarded, as recommendations, to mitigate the problems.



Learner-Centered Instruction