Practices and Challenges of Implementing Pre-Primary School curriculum: The Case Of Fitche Town, Oromia Regional State

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of this study was to assess the practices and find out the challenges of implementing pre primary school curriculum in Fitche Town. To conduct this study, descriptive survey design was employed. A total of 125 people were used as data sources for this study. Pre primary schools and teachers were selected by using availability and census sampling respectively. On the other hand, school principals ,Fitche town ,zonal education office and regional education quality ,audit and inspection experts were selected by using purposive sampling. Accordingly, the data sources were preschool teachers, parents, directors, Fitche town and zonal education office and Oromia Early Years Care and Education experts. The data were collected through questionnaires, observations, interviews and document analysis. The data collected through questionnaires from the teachers and parents were presented in tables for each case, and analyzed using percentage followed by relevant discussions. Besides, qualitative data obtained through observations and interviews were used to describe and explain the qualitative features of the program. The study found out that the level of preprimary curriculum implementation was low; indoor and outdoor spaces, materials and equipment, were inadequate; lack of teachers’ professional skill and competence to teach young children, parents’ level of understanding about the objective of preprimary education and their participation in the management of schools was low; the absence and in adequacy of curricular materials such as subject syllabus, teacher‟s guide and text books as well as other preschool education guide lines and documents and the provision of support from the government were not adequate . Finally, the study recommended some better ways and means for resolving the challenges of implementing the curriculum in Fitche Town. Among others the need to set systems for preschool teachers’ professional development, flexible training programs for preschool teachers and principals, furnishing the schools with the necessary facilities and materials were recommended. Key Words: Challenges; Practice; preprimary curriculum, Implementation.



Challenges, Practice, preprimary curriculum, preprimary curriculum