Role of Budget in Foreign Charities /NGOs in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This paper examined the role of budget in foreign charities/ NGOs in Ethiopia. In doing so a research question raised was what role does budget play in foreign charities /NGOs in Ethiopia. Accordingly, Budget roles were identified and include planning, communication, coordination, control, evaluation and motivation . In order to answer the research question, 33 relevant questions were developed and distributed to selected participants in the survey. Employees from 15 conveniently selected foreign charities / NGOs in Ethiopia were participated in the survey and 40 dully filled responses were received for analysis. The result from the analysis indicated that budget has a role in planning, communication, coordination, control and evaluation based on majority responses. However, the analysis for the role of budget for motivation has shown a contradictory result. Respondents agreed budget has a role in motivation in their response in the detailed questions but opposed on their response on the single suggestion where it says budget is used for motivation in their respective organizations. Key words : Role of budget, planning, communication, coordination, control, evaluation, motivation, Ethiopia, Foreign charities, NGOs



Role of budget, planning, Communication, Coordination, Control, Evaluation, Motivation, Ethiopia, Foreign charities, NGOs