Communication Challenges of Deaf Children with their Hearing Families in Some Selected School of Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This study investigated communication challenges of deaf children with their hearing families. In order to obtain relevant information in depth, semi-structured interviews were conducted with ten deaf children and their hearing families. Those who are learning in special deaf schools in regular classes, and used sign language from an early age had negative communication experiences at home. It was found that they could not achieve communication either in ESL or orally with their hearing families. The results of the study indicated that parents expressed different reactions as a result of having deaf and hard of hearing children. The stigma held by the family about the causes and consequence of communication influenced the children to feel embarrassed and disgraced. This may be one of the causes for deaf children’s to develop negative attitude towards their hearing families. The beliefs held by families of the deaf about the causes of their children’s deafness varies from real cause to sin, evil eye, curse, misdeed in previous life by parents and misfortune. The types of treatment sought by parents to get cure for their children varies from modern medical center to traditional healer, witchcraft, prayer, and holy water. Some parents believed that their children have less communication potential, unable to participate in families discussion, and unable to talk interact like hearing siblings. Those families who are in better educational level have positive perception about their deaf children and play positive role in the overall personality development of their children. This study suggests the importance of an early and mutual mode of communication between family members and the deaf children, regardless of the communication modality to ensure pleasant family communication interchanges and experiences. This could be taken into consideration by people involved in deaf education, including service providers, educators, parents, and deaf association etc



Families in Some Selected School of Addis Ababa