Thematic Analysis of Amharic Oral Lyric Poetry of West Gojjam Zone

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis aims to examine the major themes of Amharic oral lyric poetry of West Gojjam Zone. Since the oral lyric poetry of the Amhara people in West Gojjam Zone is an unexplored genre, one finds only few studies in such a widespread and most functional category of literature. This is the foremost reason for conducting this study. The basic method is qualitative analysis and the instruments that were used to gather the data and to solve the problem were observation, interview and note-taking, tape recording and photographing. The study revealed that the recurrent themes of Amharic oral lyric poetry of West Gojjam Zone are declaring the feel of discontent about various social issues, expressing the grief and consolation of mourners, reflecting the very and related concept of work, showing the multifaceted nature of matrimony and marital ties; and exposing the various issues of love affairs.



Amharic Oral Lyric Poetry