Practices and Problems of Public Technical Vocational Education and Training Institution; The Case of Mettu Polytechnic College

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this study was to examine the Practices and Problems facing public TVET institution, taking the case of Mettu Polytechnic College, Illu Ababora Zone Oromiya Region. The research approach followed was mixed research with a descriptive survey design. The respondents of the study were TVET Administrative officers, Department heads, Teachers and Students. The sampling technique used to select teachers and students was simple random sampling. For administrative officers and department heads, purposive sampling was used. Data collection instruments, used were questionnaire, interview and group discussion. Questionnaire was distributed to 30 teachers and 30 students. Interview was conducted with dean, vice dean and 7 department heads Data analysis technique used was frequency and percentages. The finding revealed that the college did not have sufficient resources to conduct the training. The teachers were disappointed by the salary they are paid and additional benefits when they performed COC examination. Teachers also said that they did not get professional development opportunities to upgrade their knowledge and skills. Absence of references to refer on difficult topics in the curriculum was also reported by teachers.