Reference value determination of CD4+ T-Lymphocyte in HIV Sero- Negative Ethiopian pregnant women

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Addis Abeba University


In Ethiopia, reference intervals in clinical laboratories are commonly based on results obtained for western populations or from test kit manufacturers. The present cross sectional study aimed to establish reference interval for CD4 + T lymphocyte counts, in HIV sero-negative pregnant women attending antenatal care clinic at Yekatit 12 hospital. Flow cytometric analysis was performed to determine CD4 + and total T lymphocyte counts. Accordingly gestational ages between 4 and 38weeks (n=120) were used. Reference values obtained were 310-1185 cells/µl for Absolute CD4 + T cells count, 17.9-54.0% for CD4 T cells percentage, 690-2540 cells/µl for absolute CD3 + T cells count, 55-84% for CD3 T cells percentage, 952-2985 cells/ µl for absolute CD45 + lymphocyte count. The data revealed that CD4 absolute CD4 + + T cell percentage was stable throughout the pregnancy period while T cell count varies between trimesters indicating that CD4 + T cell percentage could be more reliable in the management of HIV infected pregnant women than the absolute value. In conclusion, T lymphocyte populations in pregnant women were different from non pregnant women. The clinical implication of these differences is the initiation of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in HIV infected pregnant women.



CD4+ ,T-Lymphocyte ,HIV, Sero- Negative ,Ethiopian, pregnant women.