Earttly Childhood Education Practices: The Case of Akaki Kality Sub City

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the study was to investigate the basic pracesses of kindergartens in Akaki Kality Sub City of Addis Ababa fram the perspectives of the practitioners. Its ultimate purpose was to advance knowledge on the sector and convey this understanding to practitioners and policy makers in order to take timely corrective measures. The study tried to pinpoint the major challenges encountered in the process, sort out best practices and suggested solutions to prablems. The research was guided by interpretivist paradigm employing qualitative research approach. Preschool teachers, principals, experts, and parents were interviewed; the schools settings observed, and relevant documents analyzed. Participants' selection was based on the rich information individuals acquired to fully answer the basic questions of the study. The data collected from the above participants were coded, categorized under recurring themes and interpreted accordingly. Hence, the study found out that achievement of holistic development of children in the schools was based on teachers understanding of how to implement the curriculum and the schools orientation to satisfy the 'owners'. The study also revealed low commitment of the government to promote preschool education. Generally, I conclude that the practices of preschools in Akaki Kality are different acrass schools and individual teachers depending on the understanding and motivation of teachers and orientation of the schools. It is recommended that preschool should follow unified curriculum that can enhance the holistic development of the child. In this regard, implementation of the preschool curriculum should be strictly monitored and technically supported by the government. Pravision of the curriculum and teacher's guides should also be available to all (government, private, community, etc. preschools) without preconditions. Moreover, adequate budget should be allocoted to preschools and the manpower needs and motivations of Sub City Education Offices need to be revisited. Key words: early childhood educotion, kindergarten, preschool practices



early childhood educotion; kindergarten; preschool practices