An Assessment of the Impact of CBR Services on the Situation of People With Disabilities at Lideta Sub-City

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This research was undertaken to assess the situations of PWDs before and after they have received CBR services at Ledeta Sub-city. As the primary objective of CBR is to ensure the equal participation and the right to use the community resources, the study tried to assess the impact of the rehabilitation on the social and psychological situations, their independent living through income generation schemes, mobility skills and participation in the program. To do this, 16 participants were selected purposively on the basis of • The information that they have, about CBR services, • Ability to express their ideas, the caregivers' relationship that they have with the PWDs, • And having received services at least for six years. To this effect, the primary sources of the data were five people with different disabilities, six caregivers, two school teachers and three CBR workers including the manager of the organization. Written documents were also used as secondary data sources. To collect the necessary data semi structured interview, FGD, observation checklist and document analysis guide have been used. After the interview was made with eleven participants separately, the FGD heldat Abbay- Minich school with five discussants. Then, the data was analyzed qualitatively. As it is shown in the finding, prior to the coming of Handicap National to the sub-city, the attitude of the community towards PWDs was not positive. Many of the PWDs therefore were hurt both socially and psychologically. However, for the past eight years, using mass media, workshops, dramas, coffee-ceremony and other activities, the Handicap National has brought a significant change in the life of PWDs. Although there are still under achievements in regard to vocational rehabilitation and participation of the clients, changes have been observed in relation to the social, psychological, educational developments of the PWD who had received services from the center and the awareness of the community. But, the equal participation and vocational rehabilitation of the clients should be improved.