Verb Complements in Art

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Addis Ababa Universiy


This study de:; .:ith the structure of verb compl ements of J\.ri. The attempt made here is,to present t he basic grammatic"l feature s necessary for the di s cu- 156iOll of verb complements, to describe the verb cc!::;:,l e- :.:;entll, and to explain the various constituents that CO!r.po ~e the verb Cvt:p l el.ent " in lir l,t of the GB fr:lDt", - work "ud Jackendoff ' s i- theory . In rel ation to head and complement the dependency of one on anothe r i s aual jzed u ~in g mainly tl.eta and case theo ries. The structure of verb complements fits thft g e n e r ~ l princ i ples of GB t ~ eo r y. Lri aD a l a~g ua 1 e (in i ts s yntax) ha~ some peculiar features which differentiates it fro~ other lan g u R~ cs. Some of t hem are f ound i ~ the relation bet,lll ", n t te trar, _itive vel'D s a nd 'cl.•e i '!, co::::<L8- ~ent8. Four of t hem are accounted here, others are raised as pr oblems for furt he r rpsearch.



verb complements