Online Amharic-English, English-Amharic Multimedia Dictionary

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Addis Ababa University


Dictionary is the list of words with their definitions. An online English-Amharic, Amharic-English multimedia dictionary is a dictionary that provides an online translation service from English to Amharic and vice versa. As the name implies, it is a multimedia dictionary that displays the meaning of the word with multimedia content. Multimedia is an application that uses multiple modalities to their advantages including text, image, drawing/graphics, animation, video and sound. Displaying the meaning of the word with different multimedia content will help the users to understand the meaning of the word very easily. The sound/voice support helps the user to know how the word is pronounced correctly; picture also describes the meaning of the word better than text i.e. "a picture worth more than 1000 words". In this project, we propose and implement an online English-Amharic, Amharic-English Multimedia Dictionary. The multimedia dictionary provides an online dictionary service for both Amharic to English and English to Amharic word translation. It displays the meaning of the word with multimedia content that can describe more about the word and its meaning. To display Amharic text online, a WEFT tool is used. WEFT is a Microsoft's utility for generating embeddable web fonts. It creates "Embedded Open Type" files for inclusion on the web site. These files usually use the extension ".eot". Using .eot file, it is possible to embed the Amharic Unicode font in the system. The embedded Amharic font helps Amharic words to be displayed in any computer whether the computer has an Amharic font or not. To write an Amharic text, the Amharic typing JavaScript code is developed that maps all Amharic Unicode values to their phonetic keyboard combination. Using the script users can write any Amharic word. The Amharic typing JavaScript code works like any Amharic phonetic keyboard combination. Using WEFT and Amharic Typing script, Amharic text can be displayed in any computer and users can write Amharic text. The online dictionary has different searching facilities and displays the result using appropriate multimedia content. In addition to displaying the meaning of a word with Online English-Amharic, Amharic-English Multimedia Dictionary 7 multimedia content, the online dictionary supports users' interaction. It allows the users to post comments, requests and even they can add new words in the dictionary. They can also give comment on the meaning of the word, post additional meaning or post a better meaning. The online dictionary also has a separate administration part that helps the system administrator to manage dictionary functionalities that includes management of dictionary data, users, word category, security, conjugation, additional meanings and assign privilege to the users. For multimedia data, different tools are used for capturing/recording, processing and displaying. For an audio content, cool edit 2000 is used for capturing and processing. Microphone is the hardware tool that helps for audio recording. JavaScript popup audio player is used to play the audio content. The JavaScript popup audio player window is a client side program and makes the audio to play with out refreshing or submitting the form to the server. For picture content, the main sources of picture files are Clip Art CDs and Internet. The hardware to capture pictures files are scanner and Digital camera. For image processing, Adobe Photoshop is used for cropping the picture in to equal size and to make some modification. For video content, an ASPNetVideo component is used. The ASPNetVideo Component Suite allows to add video files and streaming media into ASP.Net web forms. For processing of Video files, Adobe premier is used. The development Environment that is used in this system is ASP.NET, IIS is the web server and SQL server 2005 is used for database Implementation.



Amharic-English; English-Amharic