Strategic Human Resource Management Practices and their Effects on Organizational Performance of Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association (CCRDA) and its Selected Member Organizations

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this study is to assess the effect of strategic human resource practices on organization performance of CCRDA and its member’s organization. The study adopted mixed research approach and explanatory research design. Using stratified sampling technique sample NGOs were selected from the CCRDA forum member organizations purposively. Data were collected using survey questionnaire from 48 local and international NGOs. From the total 240 questionnaire distributed, 192 questionnaires were returned. 48 top management members, 48 frontline managers, 48 HR- directors and 48 HR- Specialists were participated in the study. Data was analyzed both descriptively and inferentially. The findings of the study revealed that strategic human resource management practices were adopted in CCRDA and its member organizations in both local and international NGOs and the Strategic recruitment and selection, strategic performance appraisal and strategic employee relations SHRM practices have shown positive effect on organizational performance while strategic training and development and strategic reward and compensation didn’t show significant effect on performance. As bundle of activities, the SHRM practices have shown positive effect on organizational performance. The result of the study therefore recommended that adoption and effective and efficient implementation of the bundles of the strategic human resource management practices are beneficial to improve the organizational performance of CCRDA and its member organizations.



Strategic Human Resource Management Practices, Strategic Recruitment, Strategic Training and Development Development