A Study On Knowledge And Practice Of Action Research Among The Efl Teachers: The Case To Five High Schools Of Centeral Zone Of Tigray Regional State

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This paper tried to examine the knowledge and practice of action research among EFL teachers in five high schools of Central Zone of Tigray Regional State. The EFL teachers' attitude towards action research and their tendency of using the findings to improve classroom practices were also the aim of this study. To investigate this problem, descriptive type of study method was employed as descriptive method deals with 'what is it' i.e. it describes and interprets what exists at present. Therefore, it was appropriate to descript the current status of action research vis-it-vis the EFL teachers' knowledge and practice in it. With regard to the research methodology, a mixed method approach was used in which the researcher has used both quantitative and qualitative approach and because of wanting of both generalization and detailed view of the current status of action research for individuals. Questionnaires and interviews containing both close-ended and open-ended questions, and document analysis were used in the data-collection process of this research. 25 EFL teachers and five directors filled questionnaires; 8 of these teachers and all the directors were also interviewed. Results from the analysis of data revealed that even though all of the EFL teachers had taken action research and other related courses at colleges and universities, they have no adequate knowledge of action research that could be applied in trying to solve classroom problems and resulted in minimal involvement in action research activities. In addition, they have the problem of fund, time, work load and resource. [n spite of all this, they have positive attitude towards action research. The findings from action research done by small number of teachers have not been used and shared among teachers. The findings are kept secret with the researcher, not properly disseminated. As a result, it is recommendable that schools and other concerned bodies to encourage and support teachers to learn and conduct research activities and improve quality teaching. Teachers should also up-grade their action research knowledge and skill by reading different action research references, instead of expecting formal training from ministry of education.



practice of action research among EFL teachers in five high schools of Central Zone of Tigray Regional State.