Analysis of Rolling Contact Fatigue Damage and Fatigue Life Comparison of Rail Due to Cyclic Axle Load

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This paper presents the analysis of rolling contact fatigue damage due to cyclic axle load between wheel/rail and fatigue life comparison between experimental and ANSYS results. The purpose is to see the fatigue life of the rail and to protect it from failure. .For this analysis a three-dimensional finite element model of the wheel/rail interaction is used to investigate the effect of the applied contact loading force at the straight area of the wheel tread and railhead surface. For the experimental part, fatigue test is conducted by taking specimens from the rail material and the specimens are modeled by CATIA V5 and analysis the effect with ANSYS 12.0 by applying different loads for the comparison of the fatigue life. Throughout the whole analysis, the Hertz contact theory assumptions are basically considered. Form the wheel/rail fatigue life analysis the result found is see the maximum life found by the applied load. The specimen numerical and experimental result shows that the experimental analysis is more preferable and precise. The application of this study is to identify and protect the rail from failure and to insure safety of the passengers and minimize maintenance cost.



Rolling Contact, Cyclic Axle Load, Fatigue Analysis