Telecom Engineering (Information Systems (TIS) Stream)

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In the rapid development of information technology, many enterprises are challenged by seamless information exchange and resource sharing requirement in a heterogeneous enterprise environment. However, service-oriented middleware technologies can provide a better solution in facilitating seamless resource sharing and information exchange among integrated enterprise applications. It is important to carefully design flexible and scalable integration architecture to create and support a well-performing enterprise system. In this research, a Data Synchronization Solution Model (DSSM) is designed and implemented to overcome a data synchronization problem in a heterogeneous enterprise environment. The case study and the research idea are initialized based on existing real problems in ethiotelecom working environment. The company faces data synchronization problem between integrated applications. The data in the different application databases have mismatch; for example, for the same customer its service status could be active in one application and barring in another. As a solution, a data synchronization solution model is proposed based on middleware and knowledgebase. The middleware is a message processing part that receives the incoming message, processes and forwarded the message to a destination suitable data format. The knowledgebase is a database for the common data exchanged among integrated applications; which becomes a common data reference for integrated applications. To implement and validate the data synchronization solution model we simulate a heterogeneous enterprise environment using virtual machines, with different operating systems and databases. The implementation and validation is performed based on the company’s SIM card replacement business process. To simulate the message processing, we design Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) message with similar message structure in the company. The message processor is designed and implemented using open source WSO2 enterprise integrator tool. The validation result indicates, the practicality of DSSM hypothesis to creating consistency and synchronize data among integrated applications in a heterogeneous environment. The result also shows the features and components of DSSM are functioning per the design specified in the research document. Moreover, unlike the existing system in which the case study is based upon, the new solution is flexible for maintenance and redesign.



Data Synchronization, Integration Middleware, EAI, SOA, WSO2