Monitoring Distributed Systems for Adaptive Security

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Addis Ababa University


In today’s Information Society, distributed systems have a significant impact on how information communication between social, industrial, governmental and non governmental institutions is achieved. Dealing with the complexity, heterogeneity and dynamicity of distributed systems is absolutely among the major concerns of the software industry. In the Internet era, the distribution of information and services on different sites is a common and dominant scenario. As information is the key tool for any institution’s goal achievement, accessing information and services on remote sites over unsecured communication line requires high-level of quality of services (QoS): e.g. an acceptable response time and security mechanisms. Such QoSs require inherent adaptation of the system to changes in the environment, i.e. securing key information while adapting the distributed system. In this thesis, we have proposed a framework for assessing and determining to what extent we can allow distributed systems to gather information for the purpose of adaptation. We have proposed a dynamic security metrics that is used to measure how far the security of the adaptive distributed system can be affected by a monitoring for adaptation and the necessary measures that need to be taken by the monitoring system. In addition to this, we also tried to discuss the role of a monitoring system in securing the adaptive distributed system and propose an adaptive monitoring system, a monitoring system that adjusts its monitoring functionality depending on the changes in its environment. Adaptive monitoring system allows the adaptive distributed system to gather detailed information based on the changes in the environment and choose efficient mechanisms (algorithms and/or encryption techniques, and secured and cost effective communication channel) for exchanging the gathered information between the target distributed systems and the central monitoring system. Keywords: Adaptation, Adapting distributed system, Security, Adaptive security, monitoring system, Adaptive monitoring system.



Adaptation; Adapting Distributed System; Security; Adaptive Security; Monitoring System; Adaptive Monitoring System