The Impact of Financial Model on The Quality of Education In Ethiopia TVET Colleges

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Addis Ababa University


This research, entitled as The Impact of Financial Model on the Quality of Education, is a qualitative, interpretive, cross-national comparative study which explores, analyses and compares the institutional financing system of Tegbare-id and Selam to identify their nature, similarities and differences. Past scientific works related to the case were critically reviewed and gaps were identified from the review which identified the major driving and impeding factors those affect education quality. Based on the gap identified from the review, empirical investigation were done to verify the literature analysis. The results of the study revealed that the technical and vocational education and training sector is circumscribed by numerous challenges, which include under-funding, inadequate teaching and learning facilities, and poor governance. Other serious challenges facing the sector which derived from the investigation include inadequate qualified personnel and poor public perception of the sector. Therefore, the financial system implementations in Tegbare-id is limited and poor in providing the much needed skills required for employment, economic and national development. The analysis was supported by descriptive statistical methods. To alleviate the challenges an improved financial model which fills the gaps and improves education quality of the case institute was developed. Finally, outcomes of the study were concluded and possible measures were recommended by the researcher.



Financial Model, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Comparative Analysis, Financial system, Funding