Factors Affecting Line Managers Role on the Implementation of Effective Human Resource Management Practice:A Case of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Line managers can play a very crucial role in every organization to achieve an organizational objective. The purpose of this thesis is to assess the factors that affecting line manager’s role in the implementation effective HRM tasks in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. In this study a total of 146 questionnaires were distributed and only 133 questionnaires were returned resulting response rate was 91 %..The study conducts both descriptive and inferential analysis. A factor analysis and a multiple regression were applied for finding the critical effectiveness factors. The factor analysis finding assign those 20 items are merged in to six factors. Consequently, all six factors together explained for 73.42% % of the variation in that affecting line managers' role in the implementation of HRM. Furthermore, the correlation matrix illustrates competency, capacity, HR support and policies/ procedures have a positive and significant relationship with the effectiveness of line managers at the 1% level of significance. Likewise, the multiple regression result also reveals that all the independent variables are positively significant. As we observed from model coefficients estimation result, all the independent variables are positively significant. Finally, the research recommended that in order to line managers’ have role on implementation of effective HRM tasks; the bank needs to provide necessary HR support, tasks continuously revise and check that clear, fair consistently policies and procedures ,launch training and development programs related HRM



Effectiveness Line Managers, Factor Analysis, Multiple Regressions