Integrated Caching and Prefetching on Dynamic Replication to Reduce Access Latency for Distributed Systems

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Addis Ababa University


Distributed computing is a rapidly developing IT technology. Every system connects to other systems via the network to improve its performance. Thanks to distributed systems technology, workers from all over the world can collaborate to work for a single company, and customers of these companies can access data and receive service as if they were in the same location. However, as the number of users and organizations requesting and delivering these services grows, there is a problem with access latency. One of the major problems of distributed systems is response time latency. As a result, we developed the integrated Caching and Prefetching on Dynamic Replication (CPDR) algorithm, which reduces access latency in distributed computing environments. Cacher, Prefetcher, and Replicator are the three main components of the developed system. There is one more unique component in the cacher called Notifier, which has the Prefetcher's status and is used to save time when the prefetcher is not active and the requested data is not available. Furthermore, the Cacher, Prefetcher, and Replicator each has a manager component that contains an algorithm for controlling the Cache storage, prefetching data, replicating data, and determining where data should be placed. Moreover, taking various scenarios, which depict the minimum and maximum capacity of the computing environment as well as different requirements of incoming jobs, we evaluated our algorithm With caching, prefetching, dynamic replication, the integration of caching and prefetching, the integration of caching and dynamic replication, integration of prefetching and dynamic replication algorithms. It is observed that the proposed algorithm outperforms the counterparts from the perspective of response time and storage utilization



Distributed Computing, Caching, Prefetching, Replication, Dynamic Replication Algorithm, CPDR Algorithm