Internal Audit and Risk Assessment in Ethiopian Public Enterprises

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Addis Ababa University


This research paper examined internal auditing and risk assessment in Ethiopian public enterprise context. 20 public enterprises were purposefully selected. Mixed research approach was used and the data were collected by using questionnaires and document review. Survey results showed that all public enterprises have internal audit function; operational audit requires most resources, with compliance audit second important audit type. The amount of audit resources devoted to risk assessment reveals the relative relevance of this kind of activity. Results also showed that many Ethiopian public enterprises were introduced formal risk assessment process in their internal audit function, and few enterprises were on the way to introduce formal risk assessment process. Hence, for internal audit functions that were not incorporated control risk self assessment, it is better to incorporate for effective risk assessment. Thus, this study will be beneficial in terms of the decision making of the board of directors, audit committee of the organization and other regulatory bodies



Public enterprises, Assessment in ethiopian